Responsive Web Design

Thinking About How People Access Your Information

As U.S. consumers spend more than five hours on their mobile device per day, odds are, if you have something they are looking for, they will seek it on their phones or tablets. This leads to several important questions you have to ask yourself as a business owner. Black Rose Creative can help you address these delicate issues.

Is my website accessible on a mobile device?

There are two distinct philosphies we need to discuss before we get any further. Firstly, there's the theory of mobile-friendly websites, which basically means a website looks good on a mobile device. This focuses entirely on the aesthetics - that is the look and feel - of a website. Secondly, the theory of mobile-first design optimizes the form and functionality of the mobile experience, not just the visual appearance.

Black Rose Creative builds websites with the mobile-first design principle. This basically means initial brainstorming focuses on the mobile experience instead of starting with the desktop experience. The biggest benefit of mobile-first design is you're not trying to create a mobile version after you've perfected the desktop experience, like you would with a mobile-friendly update. If you start with mobile in mind, you're often focused on what elements make the most significant impact for the amount of space or real estate you have on a mobile device. This results in a practical conversation more about efficiency of achieving the end goal rather than focusing on aesthetics. It also forces the discussion around how your mobile experience contributes to the continuity of your website's overall user experience. This leads to the next question.

What kind of experience do users have on my sites when using a phone?

Most traditional websites that were designed for the desktop experience often provide a clunky and inefficient experience on a mobile device. Viewing the site that has no accommodations for mobile, on a mobile device typically yields a shrunken version of the site, exactly how it would look if viewed on a laptop or desktop computer. A non-responsive website will not accommodate things like:

  • the proportion of the screen,
  • the size of the font,
  • the amount of text,
  • the size of images,
  • the location and size of buttons
  • the accessiblity of the menu/navigation

All these things add up and contribute to the user leaving your site for another that yields a better mobile experience. Bottom line: a site specifically designed for a mobile experience will keep mobile users on your site longer.

How am I tracking visitors to my site, and do I have to ability to distinguish mobile users from desktop users?

Both of these questions speak to capturing and measuring analytics on your website's traffic. Luckily, Black Rose Creative can easily incorporate tools to do this for you. You will have the ability to identify not only how users access your website, but you'll be able to tell where they've come from - how they got to your site, where they've gone within your site, what they are searching for, and how long they spend searching before they either submit an inquiry or move to another site. This vital information allows us to build a content strategy to revise and update your content, and redesign specific elements that are not performing as intended.

How can I make sure I'm not losing potential clients because of my site's mobile experience?

Building a website based on the principles of responsive design can boost site performance, improve your mobile conversion rate, and increase traffic from mobile users.

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