Sitebuilding: Constructing a Website from Scratch

Factors to Help Determine What Web Services Your Business Needs

Anyone that builds websites has, at one point in their career, been asked "how much do you charge to build a website?" Most people do not know all of the components that are available to them, they just know a site has an address and anyone with access to the internet can go to it. Building a website, however, is more like buying a car than visiting an all-you-can-eat buffet. The age-old adage you get what you pay for factors in here quite heavily.

Black Rose Creative uses a 60-point checklist to determine the web needs of your business. This comprehensive assessment includes inquiries about your business model, your existing website and/or storage capabilities, your short-term strategy and your long-term goals. It prioritizes your must haves against your nice to haves and breaks down, in great detail, the various solutions we can provide. This way, we can give you an accurate perspective of everything involved with this kind of upgrade, and, identify all of the potential cost factors associated with our services. This work smarter not harder philosophy ensures that all your needs are covered, and, that we are providing you with the absolute best service we can.

Below is a list of several factors involved in this discussion. Black Rose Creative will address all of these factors and more!


Is your website accessible to all users? What accommodations do you currently make for the hearing/visually impaired users? Do you currently track your site's analytics? Are the structures and features of your site scalable to align with your growth? Is your site built to evolve with your company? Have you established the end-goal for users on your site? Do you have downloadable content available to your users? Is your website user-friendly and easily navigated? Do you create user experience pathways to lead users to the end-goal of your site?


Do you have an editorial calendar for scheduled uploads? Who is writing your content? Do you need to migrate content from your old web environment into a new one? Are you or other employees going to be uploading and managing the content on your site? If so, do you need a publishing workflow established? Do you need the ability to assign multiple profiles/roles and varying levels of permission for your team? How do you feel about user and customer-submitted testimonials? Do you want users to be able to leave comments on your site? Is there another way for visitors to send you feedback? Is your site going to be password-protected? Do you currently have, or would you want to incorporate a Blog? Do you have any videos or multimedia elements? Do you have a calendar on your site that lists current and upcoming events? How valuable of a resource is your website to your business?


Where are you currently hosting your website? Will you need to create a new domain for your web environment? Are you managing more than one website? Do you need storage space for user-submitted information? Are you planning on capturing this information in the future? Do you need a solution to house this gathered information offline? How fast does your site load on desktop? What about mobile? What kind of user experience do you want for your site? Can people purchase goods from your current website? What kind of tracking systems do you currently have in place for shipments? Do you have an eCommerce element associated with your current site that you want to carry into the new environment?


Do you have a content strategy? How much unique content do you have now? Are you planning to repurpose existing content? Do you have an S.E.O. strategy? Is your site optimized to give the same experience regardless of which device is used to view it? How well does your page rank on search engine queries? Do you have a business account for multiple social media platforms? Are your social media pages advertised and accessible on your website? Is your website URL boldly displayed on all social media platforms? Do you have any back-link strategies in place with other websites?

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