The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake.
— Kurt Vonnegut

The Power of the Pen

Each one of us has a unique perspective of life that cannot be measured or defined in simple terms. Only a small portion of us are able to express it in ways true to our experience and tangible to others, but then we struggle against authenticity and strive for the perfect representation of whatever inspired us. I learned long ago that this pride, this ambition can become toxic, but, it is not nearly as strong as the impact of releasing it.

Art inspires people because it creates an opportunity for resonance—aligning our independent journeys and reflecting on our collective experiences—allowing us to transcend our bodies and our fragile memories, even for a moment. To flirt between vicarious living and wishful thinking, to loose the restrictions of the mind and connect with another person sans physical contact. For me, creating represents living, contrary to existing. It is born of the culmination of influences and experiences, stimulation and numbness, and represents the splendor of life. It's tuned with the dynamics of the human spirit and painted with the spectrum of emotions we all feel. A single phrase can evoke tears and a simple pattern could calm a frantic mind. 

Everything around us is constantly changing but at the same time cycling in and out of routines and orbits. There's a rhythm even if the melody is never repeated. It seems the moments of serendipity that jar us from our routine leave the most lasting impressions. Like crossing paths with an old acquaintence. Making eye contact with a stranger across the room. They all may be unique, but they feel so familiar.

I create to capture that moment and put it into words so others can anchor themselves to it and shed whatever weight or shadow they may have carried in with them. No matter what is happening far and wide, creating has the power to preserve in infinitly a fragment of life that may have originally lasted a moment.

I want to leave behind my vision. And if in doing so I can help you craft your vision...

then so be it!


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    • the way in which linguistic elements (such as words) are put together to form constituents (such as phrases or clauses)
    • the part of grammar dealing with this
  1. a connected or orderly system : a harmonious arrangement of parts or elements
  2. syntactics especially as dealing with the formal properties of languages or calculi


  1. a combination of different ideas or styles that forms a new idea or style
  2. a paper which combines various ideas into a whole for the purpose of demonstrating a concept, which is referred to as a thesis
  3. v. the creation of a cohesive body of academic writing comprised of commentary from multiple sources used to form a defendable position

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